About Us

ProTech – Professional Technologies Sh.p.k is a company with extensive experience and deep expertise in Telecommunications and Information Technology solutions. Our telecom and computing background allows us to deliver high quality solutions in both telecommunication and information technology sectors.

Our advanced IT solutions have been adopted by important national and international companies who rely on our IT services for their daily business processes. We have advanced expertise in setting up server rooms and data centers, advanced networking infrastructure, data storage and cloud solutions. This IT expertise is complemented by our software development capabilities which allow us to deliver highly customized software solutions.

Our telecommunications expertise relies on years of experience for both retail and wholesale markets leading to advanced knowledge for voice termination and SMS services. Our international network or partners is composed of 75+ interconnections which give us the possibility to terminate calls in all areas of the world with high capacity and reliability. In particular we have advanced agreements for call center traffic termination which allows us to terminate large volumes of call center traffic with high quality towards A-Z destinations.

Our Softswitch and Billing System are the result of years of experience in telecommunication and software engineering, exploiting all our best achievements in both fields. Our advanced routing and switching expertise, and the excellent software engineering skills, have permitted us to deliver a high quality Softswitch and Billing system which allows many Carriers throughout the world to successfully run their business processes.

We lead our customers forward!